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- 2006 -

World Champions

Francophone Anglophone, 2005-06 Hispanic
France Pascal Fritsch Canada Adam Logan Spain Enric Hernández

International Champions

Panasa: continental championship, calling together all the African countries, in English.

Nigeria Dennis Ikekeregor

Trans-Tasman Challenge: biennial challenge between Australia and New Zealand, in English.

Australia Autralie, 159.5 to 128.5

European Cup: annual challenge grouping together the best eight French teams, France, Belgium Switzerland, in French.

France St-Leu

Can-Am Challenge: annual challenge between Canada and the United States of America, in English.

Canada Canada, 51.0 to 47.0

Champions listed by countries

      French, in duplicate       English, in classic       Spanish, in classic
Belgium Jérôme Le Maire
United Kingdom Jake Jacobs
Spain Joan Ramon Manchado
France Alexis Rennesson
Australia Andrew Fisher
Switzerland Hugo Delafontaine
United States Jim Kramer
Morocco Boualem Ben Moha
New Zealand Howard Warner
Zambia Paul Yandisha Kalumba
Ghana Michael Quao

      Other languages, in duplicate
      Other languages, in classic
Belgium Hughes Damry

- 2006 -

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