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- 2005 -

World Champions

Francophone Anglophone Hispanic
France Antonin Michel Canada Adam Logan Spain Antonio Álvarez

International Champions

Countries of the Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Bahrain... in English.

Oman Ralph Lobo

European Cup: annual challenge grouping together the best eight French teams, France, Belgium Switzerland, in French.

France St-Leu

Can-Am Challenge: annual challenge between Canada and the United States of America, in English.

United States United States, 153.0 to 115.0

Champions listed by countries

      French, in duplicate       English, in classic       Spanish, in classic
Quebec Didier Kadima
Scotland Allan Simmons
Spain Enric Hernández
Switzerland Denis Courtois
Zambia Paul Yandisha Kalumba
Belgium Jérôme Le Maire
Wales Gareth Williams
France Antonin Michel
United Kingdom Wale Fashina
Tunisia Abderrazak Ouarda
Australia Fernando Naween
Malta David Delicata
Nigeria Onota Oteri
South Africa Trevor Hovelmeier
Israel Evan Cohen
Japan Thailand Mongkol Matsuda
Canada Adam Logan
Ireland Ademola Ajayi
United States Dave Wiegand
Scotland Allan Simmons
France Hervé Bohbot
Ghana Charles Tachi-Menson

      Other languages, in duplicate
      Other languages, in classic
Greece Christos Tzimas, in Greek
France Hervé Bohbot, in French

- 2005 -

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