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- 1990 -

World Champions

Marc Treiber
France Marc Treiber

Champions listed by countries

      French, in duplicate       English, in classic       Spanish, in classic
Belgium Christian Pierre
United Kingdom Philip Nelkon
France Patrick Vigroux
Australia Nick Ivanowski
Switzerland Véronique Keim
United States Robert Felt
Quebec François Bédard
New Zealand Jeff Grant
Democratic republic of the Congo Eugène Lama
Malta Joe Galea
Senegal Haidina Aidara
Scotland Doris Watt
Nigeria Sammy Okosagah
Nigeria Ifeanyi Onyeonwu
Bahrain Naween Fernando
Ghana Akosa Sapong
Thailand United Kingdom Mark Nyman

      Other languages, in duplicate
      Other languages, in classic
Romania Liviu Jerghiuta, in Romanian

- 1990 -

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